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‘Idioteque’ is a puerile attempt on writing (and everything else), by someone who is constantly trying to stylize his life, primarily by imitating and emulating others. To be really frank with you, the author  is not particularly committed to this blog! He is not committed to anything at all. As a person, he is just too lazy and unsure. May be the blog acts as a support to all the false pretense that he puts up for his survival. This blog would be doing really good if it actually makes this guy do some useful thinking and squeeze something creative from his otherwise lethargic brain. But the guy himself seems to be doubtful about anysuch impact from the blog! He is seriously not too proud about the blog and about himself, for that matter.
Now talking further about the guy, he is more of an introvert who would rather waste his time in front of his computer than go  trekking in the mountains! Now that doesn’t mean he ain’t adventures. Did you know that this guy once went on to a one on one battle with a giant alien from the outerspace and finally managed to save the earth? Aaargh, nevermind. He sucks at talking and so, for that reason wishes to talk very less in real life, but fails miserably every time. He is really into enjoying art in its various forms. He is basically an admirer and a critic to everything beyond and within his reach. He believes in pure fun. He finds movies and music to be the inevitable components of his life. Photography, painting etc. seems to be his other intrests. Cinema is his major weakness of them all. He is always aspiring to be the perfect movie geek. 90% of all the inspiration in his life comes from the characters of a movie or a book, which he thinks is too cool. Apparently a lot of weird thoughts are running through his weird intellect, without much use to anyone. The blog can be rightly seen as an outgrowth to this.

At present the author is working on his engineering degree on the boring subject of ‘Electrical and Electronics’. He is genuinely trying to look uninterested and believes his path is different.

Now, since you have shown great patience up to this level, I may be able to share one more very important secret with you. A rumor has it that there exists a powerful alter ego to this blogger dude here, with unthinkable superpowers and unmatchable charisma! You can never be sure, but  may be he is that real superman born to save the world and protect the universe. What if he is just pretending to be dumb? You never know. You absolutely never know. I would recommend you to add this blog to your reader and don’t act like you know the secret, alrite?


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7 Responses to The Author

  1. nvedala says:

    Followed you from comments at goozydumps. Interesting tiny little blog you have.
    Now, we can spice it up with spoof cartoons on movies and everything else, here and there 😉

  2. Kiran says:

    Hey, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It’s a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the good work blogging!

    – Kiran

  3. Abhay says:

    My name is Abhayan and I am also from Cochin. I got your blog link from Indiblogger and its a good blog. I love movies too more than just the average movie lover.

    You will understand when you read my blog. Its just about a month old and only 2 posts as of now…. but really hoping to hear from you.

    My blog is at

  4. Tony says:

    My dear mate…
    Never knew u had such hidden talents…
    love your blog ..especially your film reviews(I too agree with many of them..)

  5. Interesting place to visit again and again. Best.

  6. sandcool says:

    keep writing those reviews dude…

    i agree to most f ’em..

    gifted blogger…

    read d authors note:D..

    4.5\5 and a thumb

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