The LHC effect.

September 11, 2008

World is really a funny place.
On one hand you see the world’s best scientists working on the world’s costliest, bravest scientific experiment for supposedly the world’s greatest secrets, and on the other side we see guys who don’t even know what a proton is, leading their quest to the save the world.

Here is a collection of various major web comics, dealing with the LHC issue. Enjoy!
(P.S. None of the comics are owned by me, each strip is properly linked to its original owner.)


this one is awesome.







Now, if you are really curious, they have even got a website for you to monitor the situation yourself!

Have the LHC destoryed the world yet?
see the site

oh god, save the world from the large hadron collider…!



January 14, 2008

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