The Dark Alleyway

The alleyway was as old as the bustling big city. Only it didn’t bustle so much right now. The never-ending string of tall infantile buildings have completely detached every last bit of the old alleyway from the new life of the city. No one comes that way now. No one even knows of the alleyway anymore. In the dark, in solitude stands the narrow old lane bearing nothingness all over it. There used to be a band of stray dogs who used to come and go. But now, even they seemed to have found a better place. The city seems to have completely forgotten what once used to be its heart. Inanimate it remained in the midst of all these insults.

And one day someone finally found out the secret.  On a rain drenched night two dead bodies turned up in the darkness of the alley.

It will take a week or two before the rank smell of dead meat could fight its way through the plush odours of the city. But once it does, more bustle would follow. For once the narrow old alley felt happiness.


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