Superstitiously Fine!

Last day I was getting ready for the university examination and just about when I was to leave home, my mom came and told me to wait. She said it was ‘rahukalam’ right then and wanted me to wait till it gets over. Unlike the cool youngsters you see on T.V and movies, I wasn’t able to tell mom to stop being stupid. I didn’t tell a word. Instead I waited peacefully for half an hour and made sure that I ‘am free from all the bad omens.  It was an important exam, and I hadn’t even covered half the portions for the exam, but that doesn’t matter. I left my home at the most auspicious timing!

 Even though I pretend to be a very rational human being, the truth is that I often give into a lot of such superstitions’ in my life. I don’t think I really believe in stuff like this, but nonetheless there is an agitation or fear related with all these omen stuffs. The ‘nail superstitions’ is one ritual I have been practising since ages. Years ago my grandmother told me not to cut the nails on Tuesdays and Fridays. Again don’t cut your nails at the night. And me, I never really cut my nails at all! Sick, but propitious! And another related ritual is not to cut your nails while exams are going on (I don’t know where I got this one from). Most of the exams will be at least a month long. Longer the exams, longer will be my nails.These superstitions work when they add up with my laziness. Then there is this bird omen. There is this particular kind of local bird; if you see them in even numbers your day will be good and if they appear in odd numbers, your day is gone. The bird is very common around our place and I was sure to see one or two every day. And so, counting the birds almost became daily function. Back when I was a kid, I remember waiting for more birds to come and add up to an even number. Even now, if I see that bird, I usually count them! Breaking the glass is considered ominous. And I get to break one or two every month. Its real bad omen and my mother gets a sad face. I have even managed to break some glasses in someone else’s house and have felt bad seeing their face go dull! Then the lizard omen, which I got from a movie,which is the most terrifying among all. If a lizard falls on your head, it means that you would die soon! And I remember going mad with fear, when one fucking lizard fall on me one night. I lost sleep for some three days! Thankfully I didn’t die.

Ill omens are all what matters. And if some good omens come on my way, I normally won’t mind it. The rational me would think “Come on you loser, nothing good ain’t gonna happen with you just because a bird showed up or something”. But when bad ones show up, I somehow losses all the courage..!
And vary rarely am I really cared about the ultimate result of an omen. It’s generally all about that moment when it shows up on you. Maybe I will never gain the courage to overcome that moment’s aversion. Well that really doesn’t matter much, does it?

Anyway, I fucked up that exam, even after doing everything righteously! Don’t know how that happened!!



6 Responses to Superstitiously Fine!

  1. Rohan says:

    buhaahaa….u know i dont follow orthodox omens which everyone else follow…i make my own….for eg. “if i play game on the eve of exam i am gonna flunk for that exam”……then “never shave during exam days”….i know this sounds weird…but i unknowingly follow these now

  2. Arjun says:

    haha..that’s cool…

    without all these what is the fun, rite?

  3. Ruhi says:

    Arjun, even though I purport to be “modern” and everything else, I get scared every time I see a black cat crossing the street in front of me 😐 And I never used to take a shower before my Maths exam. haha.

  4. Arjun says:

    oh yay….ruhi…now i see why i got screwed with my maths exams last day….it was not abt the ‘rahukalam’……it was the bath..the bath…..damn it!


  5. Gautham says:

    After reading ur damn thng, me too tried to avoid everythng ‘at happened before last exam…


    May be its bcoz I didn’t do 1 thng – to shave – bcoz d damn beard doesn’t grow back in 3 days……

  6. Arjun says:

    Man, this ain’t some plug and play stuff….
    you will have to follow the…the rules for a quiet a long time before start getting results….

    bw its all the same for you rite? 🙂

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