O brothers…

November 27, 2008

Coen brothers

After watching two of their movies back to back now, I ‘am left speechless over here. That feeling you rarely enjoy from the rarest of those movies, yeah I ‘am having some of them now. Yes sir, I ‘am speaking of the great Coen brothers. The two headed director who has (have) blessed our times with their supreme artistry in filmmaking. The two films were, ‘O brother where art thou?’ and ‘Miller’s crossing’. It was an experience which has got me thirsting for more and more.

There is a hell lot of amusing patterns and symbols followed by the Coen’s in each of their works. Starting from the easily recognisable alternation between black comedies and crime noirs to the very detailed aspects of colours and tones, there is a lot of them. For instances, in the movie ‘O brother where art thou?’ you wouldn’t see a single green leaf! Leafs are kind of yellowish instead. The entire earth has got this yellowish green template throughout the movie. This yellow is perhaps the colour of the movie. Think of ‘Fargo’ and the colour is white. There is a tone to each movie, of which the colour forms an integral part. The wide range of tones, plots and characters which they introduce through their movies are just awe-inspiring.  Now, like ‘Miller’s crossing’ most of their movies are set in the past, over a certain period of time. Homage, references etc. are dispersed all over. ‘Miller’s crossing’ is a huge homage in itself to the crime noirs of 70’s & 80’s. Presence of a ‘cool-under-fire’ type of character (mostly in the lead) is one another thing. Like, Tom Regan’s in miller’s crossing, The Dude himself in ‘The Big Lebowski’, Marge in ‘Fargo’ and Anton Chigurh in ‘No Country…’ Simply those characters are so much fun. There are a lot more of such patterns, like the spinning materials (the ball in ‘Big Lebowski’ and the Hat in ‘Miller’s crossing’) seen in their different movies or the frequently used fast talking characters (mostly Steve Buscemi). (read more here)

Above all these, it is the sheer intelligence exhibited in the plot development and presentation, which distinguishes the Coen’s Bros as film makers. The kind of talent involved in drawing two extremely different characters of Anton Chigurh and The Dude, with equal clarity, is indeed one of the rarest qualities. The Coen movies are the most wonderful show-case to characterization of greatest intensities. It’s extremely difficult to forget a character from a Coen movie, because they appear before us as almost complete human beings with a certain amount of eccentricity. I hear people complaining a lot about the vagueness in the plot of ‘No country for old men’, but before me it is the one of the greatest character studies of all time, where the film makers goes to such extent of realism in the plot for its ultimate aim of faithful character elucidation. ‘O brother…’ is also basically a very beautiful character study (a lot of characters), where the only difference is that the characters are a bit more fictional (the right word is poetic). The comedy in Coen movies is of the highest quality, which is a right mix of the dialogue driven type and the situational type. ‘Big Lebowski’ is one movie that had made me laugh the most. A guy who has seen this movie first, wouldn’t recognise ‘No country…’ as a work from the same directors. That is something indeed, right? The intense detailing in the plot is another important aspect. Like in the case of Miller’s crossing. The plot is very complex and thick but quiet ingeniously offered. It would require you a couple of watching to recognise the cleverness in the plot.

The technical side of Coen brother’s movie making is also as rich as the creative side. The photography, editing etc. are almost flawless. The Visual language is stunning. Music, BGM etc are also of the topmost quality and is of perfect coherence. I read that the sound track of ‘o brother…’ was a bigger hit than the movie itself! No wonder.

Now, I haven’t completed their filmography yet. Highly acclaimed movies like ‘The man who wasn’t there’ and ‘Blood simple’ remains in the yet to watch category. But am already on it, anyway.
Oh and yeah, without people like Coen Brothers and their works, how dreadful our lives would have been…!


On A.R Rahman

November 23, 2008


A.R Rahman

With two new movies, Yuvvraaj and Ghajini, A.R Rahman’s music is again all over the place. And like every time, the music is going to be appreciated and detested with great intensity. It has been some time now, since some people have started groaning against A.R and his works. I didn’t care about all those uproars at the beginning.  But as you listen to more and more of those old classics from Rahman, you would slowly start to contemplate some kind of a ‘fall’ in his present day’s works. I ‘am not good at technically specifying ‘what went wrong’, but I sure can assure you that something is not the same.  It’s with great hope and delight that we are waiting for each new work from ARR. But faithfully, things are not paying like they used to be.

Speaking of Yuvvraaj, the main track ‘Tu meri dost hain’ appeared promising and signaled something greater in the original album. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. ‘Mastam Mastam’ and “Zindagi’ are the only two tracks that can be categorized as ‘likeable’. “Zandagi’ was almost near becoming a real good one, but failed because of its evident similarity with other works (“Lukka Chuppi”- RDB, anyone?). Then there was the fast number, ‘shano shano’ which simply..err… pisses you off! Usually you can’t easily hate a ‘Rahman work’, however bad it may be, but “shano shano” is an exception. “Manmohini morey” is another good composition, but I seriously doubt how many will really like that song.

A very interesting point about the album “Ghajini” is that the best track is the instrumental version of “Kaise Muhje”. But now if you listen to the original version of ‘kaise mujhe’ it’s a letdown (for someone who loved the instrumental). Can’t understand why that is happening.  I wouldn’t go as much to call the main track “Guzarish’ a bad one, but come on its A.R Rahman and you rightly deserves a lot better.
“Guzarish” is however, the kind of song that would get better with each listening (something which doesn’t applies to the ‘Yuvvraaj” tracks). Other songs in the album are just ‘okay’ kind, by the Rahman standards.

In Tamil, “Sakarkati” another recent work from ARR has this fast number “taxi taxi”, which will just make you go like, ‘come on Rahman didn’t do that…’ Maybe that song is not bad as such, but that’s something anyone out there could easily create. Neither Rahman’s magic nor his great experience is needed for such a sunken piece of music. It’s really what you call a down fall. “ADA, the way of life” is the only album in recent times, that could be called as a ‘complete’ work from Rahman.

At some point or another, all these songs would get really exciting and will have that Rahman seal in them, it could be a humming or a fading instrument in the background or anything, but unfortunately nothing is getting complete. Like with all those great guys, Rahman’s greatest competitor is he himself.  His works can never be rated on comparison with the works of another music director. That’s because even the worst work from Rahman is better than the best of many others. Still, when you feel a particular album from him is disappointing, it’s because you didn’t get the kind of delectation that you considers granted with every Rahman songs.

Maybe this so called ‘fall’ is just the invention of some unimaginative and conventional kind of perspectives, which can’t afford to understand the depth of change. Maybe it’s Rahman going in search of music with greater depth.

Whatever, I simply don’t enjoy the kind of intimacy that I used to have, with AR’s music these days, and that is really a bad thing!



November 15, 2008

Big bro Rohan tagged me with ‘The list of 150 things you must do before 30 ‘. The list seemed so incomprehensive for me and my highly adventures life! 🙂 Besides, I ‘am just 20, and there seems to be a hell lot of time before me. So I decided not to do the tag in the conventional way.

So here I present

“Things I wouldn’t mind doing before turning 30” (from the list)

1.       Buy everyone in the bar a drink
2.      Take a Ferrari for a test drive (no plan to buy it, though)
3.      Bungee jump!
4.      Go inside the great pyramids (and say hello to the mummies!)
5.      Visit Paris (Sydney and Cape Town too)
6.      Watch a lightning storm at sea (from a helicopter maybe)
7.      Take a trip in a hot air balloon
8.       Get drunk on champagne (yay!)
9.      Dance with a stranger in a foreign country (I prefer a Latin American!)
10.    Go sky diving (this one is a ‘must do’)
11.     Kiss in the rain (Hell yay!)
12.     Be in a movie (a horror flick!)
13.     Crash a party
14.     Go to Las Vegas
15.     Pick up and move to another city to just start over (I got plans!)
16.     Survive an (all the) accident(accidents) that you shouldn’t have survived
17.     Write articles for a large publication
18.     Lost over 100 pounds (strictly no exercise and no diets)
19.     Break someone’s heart
20.    Fire a rifle, shotgun, or pistol (Shotguns…a spas 12 gauge will be       perfect!)
21.    Have your picture in the newspaper (again and again) 
22.    Built your own PC from parts (and make my own parts too)
23.    Sell your own artwork to someone who didn’t know you (ofcourse, at unreasonable prices)


yeah, that’s it! 

Up !

November 11, 2008

India after winning the border gavaskar trophy 2008

Finally some good cricket with a happy ending for team India.
Almost everyone involved had a reason to smile.

Now, what was it?
A phase transformation in Indian cricket?  The raise of new super power? Or the fall of one super power?
May be nothing like that, but it was surely a lot of fun !!

p.s: Kumble and Ganguly, I have already started missing you!

Superstitiously Fine!

November 9, 2008

Last day I was getting ready for the university examination and just about when I was to leave home, my mom came and told me to wait. She said it was ‘rahukalam’ right then and wanted me to wait till it gets over. Unlike the cool youngsters you see on T.V and movies, I wasn’t able to tell mom to stop being stupid. I didn’t tell a word. Instead I waited peacefully for half an hour and made sure that I ‘am free from all the bad omens.  It was an important exam, and I hadn’t even covered half the portions for the exam, but that doesn’t matter. I left my home at the most auspicious timing!

 Even though I pretend to be a very rational human being, the truth is that I often give into a lot of such superstitions’ in my life. I don’t think I really believe in stuff like this, but nonetheless there is an agitation or fear related with all these omen stuffs. The ‘nail superstitions’ is one ritual I have been practising since ages. Years ago my grandmother told me not to cut the nails on Tuesdays and Fridays. Again don’t cut your nails at the night. And me, I never really cut my nails at all! Sick, but propitious! And another related ritual is not to cut your nails while exams are going on (I don’t know where I got this one from). Most of the exams will be at least a month long. Longer the exams, longer will be my nails.These superstitions work when they add up with my laziness. Then there is this bird omen. There is this particular kind of local bird; if you see them in even numbers your day will be good and if they appear in odd numbers, your day is gone. The bird is very common around our place and I was sure to see one or two every day. And so, counting the birds almost became daily function. Back when I was a kid, I remember waiting for more birds to come and add up to an even number. Even now, if I see that bird, I usually count them! Breaking the glass is considered ominous. And I get to break one or two every month. Its real bad omen and my mother gets a sad face. I have even managed to break some glasses in someone else’s house and have felt bad seeing their face go dull! Then the lizard omen, which I got from a movie,which is the most terrifying among all. If a lizard falls on your head, it means that you would die soon! And I remember going mad with fear, when one fucking lizard fall on me one night. I lost sleep for some three days! Thankfully I didn’t die.

Ill omens are all what matters. And if some good omens come on my way, I normally won’t mind it. The rational me would think “Come on you loser, nothing good ain’t gonna happen with you just because a bird showed up or something”. But when bad ones show up, I somehow losses all the courage..!
And vary rarely am I really cared about the ultimate result of an omen. It’s generally all about that moment when it shows up on you. Maybe I will never gain the courage to overcome that moment’s aversion. Well that really doesn’t matter much, does it?

Anyway, I fucked up that exam, even after doing everything righteously! Don’t know how that happened!!


New Header!

November 5, 2008

I ‘am happy to tell you that, this beautiful new header you see on the top of the blog is one of my authentic creative productions! All rights are hereby reserved.

p.s- And yeah, you gussed rite. That guy on the picture… it is the author himself…!


On the 3rd day onwards, the header started to look boring to me.
I had to change it.

ooof…nevermind…its always like this with me!