I never imagined that the international market was having this deep an impact on my life… It is during your bad times that you will have such realizations! The present crisis (‘crysis’, which is also the name of the cool pc game that I ‘am playing nowadays!) in the markets, had a very bad effect on the income of my ‘stock market’ dependant family. When we are low on income, the first expense cutback will be done on my humble requirements! Most of my long raised demands, like the one for a digital camera, were discarded suddenly. Even the miracle of me, clearing all the subjects of my first year exam, didn’t help me get through the condition. Poverty is a much deeper problem!

But jokes apart, we are sitting fingers crossed, at the present condition of the market. Listening, to every bit of news from the business world and being cautious with every development that’s happening around there. Unlike any other time, this market crash will be having a severe impact on the common man, who is now becoming a ‘part’ of the stock exchange through mutual funds and other share related investments. Its either the people getting greedier for money or they being smarter, accepting the risks…!
Both ways, it’s bad time…


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