The tale of a coin…

It was one another post ‘football match’ evening time. I was extremely tired after the game. Football games are great exercise, especially when u doesn’t know how to play. Running, running and running behind a ball… ho, I never used sweat these much on physical exertions, well indeed, times are changing! So we played football and I was tired. And I wanted some refreshment, nothing big, just a soda surbath (lime juice) or something like that. It should be chilled and it should be drunk in one gulp! Fine, so you need minimum Rs. 5 for the whole deal. But all I have got is this one BIG note and a 5 rupee coin. The 5 rupee coin however, is special. It is the latest addition from the Reserve Bank of India and it is made of ferritic stainless steel (no small deal, you see!!!)! [the new coin, it could be easily mistaken for a 50 paisa coin] I got it one week ago from a KSRTC bus, and since then I was proudly conserving it, like a valuable collector’s item. I’ am not ready to give it away. So, I borrowed little money from my friends and had that soda surbath! All too proud me! And the next day, again I was put into the same thirsty situation and I didn’t want to borrow money this time. I had that BIG note still with me, but the shopkeeper, I know won’t be too pleased with that. Hey, so what, can’t I adjust a bit? A little bit of thirst is nothing. I canceled my refreshment for the day. All too proud (and thirsty) me, again!

So, for the weekend I came home (from the hostel) with the latest five rupee coin still in my wallet. I never spoiled a chance to show off my great collector item to one and all I met and I was never ready to spend it, neither in the bus, nor for the auto rickshaw nor anywhere else.

And…err..but, now, when I look into my wallet, I don’t see a fu*king trace of that all too great coin! Where the fu*k did it go?? I ‘am screaming. For my thirst, for my pain (!), I need the coin back!! May be mom took it and gave it to a beggar (obviously, mistaking it for a 50 paisa) or someone else took it for something else. Whatsoever, I need the coin back…….! WTF, who cares? The coin is gone..accept the truth…
your coin is lost….!


4 Responses to The tale of a coin…

  1. Rohan says:

    man ur blog standard is getting improved noticably…try moving to wordpress….and he he by the way be happy watever u lost its a 5 rupee coin,thank to god that its not a ball of ur’s….he he

  2. Arjun says:

    thank you man…
    wordpress….hm…am thinking of it….
    u opted blogger to me….naa…?

  3. Jeevs || ജീവന്‍ says:

    dude, i did with blogger for quite some time.. was fed up with the “only” good theme, whic of course, everyone was using..
    so, moved onto WP.
    trust me, its heaven.
    U’ll feel at home.
    c’mmon over!

    BTW, WTF!! u can very well get ‘nother one soon..
    and try to put some small notes, rather than the BIG ones. 😛

    happy writing,


  4. Arjun says:

    @ jeevs,
    yeah…saw your ‘transformation’…hmm…beautiful…tempts me to do smething similar…

    yeah the blogger themes sucks big time…i tried different themes frm external sources, but they simply doesn’t suite up…

    anyways thanx…for the advice…

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